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Stainless steel wire drawing machine

Model No.︰SBG-T2-1250-4
Brand Name︰TM card
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰CNY ¥ 380000 / pc
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description

(formerly jiangsu wuxi) tianma general equipment co., LTD., is set research and development, manufacture, trade in a body comprehensive enterprise. Company production of stainless steel (aluminum) flat (volume) look (back) oil, water, dry grinding filament (HL), short silk (NO. 3, NO. 4 or said snow silk) sanding machine, SB, and grain machine, ordinary (automatic) grinding machine, 8 k mirror surface grinding machine, fingerprint resistant Volume before and after hot rolling, cold rolling plate except oxide skin and to deal with the color such as deep processing machinery equipment not only complete kinds, and the quality is excellent.


Another wuxi modern metal materials co., LTD. (belong to jiangsu tianma universal equipment co., LTD.) according to customer demand for various types of stainless steel plate, aluminum plate surface mirror polishing and silking processing, such as NO. 3 and NO. 4 (also known as snow pattern, short silk, snow, sand, etc.), the HL (also known as filament, wire, straight hair, etc.); Processing silking effect will be for processing materials, abrasives, rotational speed, the work environment varies.


Tianma, jiangsu is China's stainless steel deep processing machinery normal ACTS the role of the equipment manufacturing industry the only quality silk short, vertical and horizontal aseismic grain, and no color difference international level and the only enterprise in China, international industry as competitors and has become a global price structure of fission catalyst. Products and the industry at home and abroad is very strict with quality of high-end customers.


Trade department is located in the taihu lake in wuxi city square, and German by the world's top ten one of the five-star hotel kempinski hotel occupancy and provide the management the five-star business palace - KaiYan centers around the globe. Manufacturing logistics park is located in wuxi west railway station goddess luo road number five.


The company take "the powerful and unconstrained style, and vertical and horizontal" of the world's heroic, follow the principle of "military idea casts tianma", adhering to the "taking quality as life, to serve as the criterion" of purpose, in the research and development center, promote the senior engineering and technical personnel and staff, "development of innovation, competition and development" spirit of enterprise, research and manufacture of TM series products with its strong and reasonable structure, simple and quick operation, quality stable and reliable performance, characteristics and excellent service, win the market with professional level and praise. Products throughout the country, inside and outside the Great Wall. Has been extended further, to stop foreign across the sea.


Especially the independent research and development and obtain the national patent of China's first volume suet grinding production line, the first SB machine, the first back sand machine, the first mirror grinding head wrapped machine, and the first environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency, high quality super 8 k mirror grinding machine (board face detection by the technical supervision department of more than 0.01 standard ≦), not only to fill the domestic blank, and its price lower than similar imported equipment ten times and comparable quality, is the industry with modern consciousness of environmental protection, energy saving and cost performance of entrepreneurs concern and praise highly.


To learn more technical parameters, etc., please telephone to inquire or visit factory, thank you! 

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